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Add announcements for 0.96.94.

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-<strong>6 November 2006:</strong>
-Testing pre-release 0.96.93 is now available at the
+<strong>7 January 2007:</strong>
+Testing pre-release 0.96.94 is now available at the
 <a href="">download page</a>.
-<strong>21 May 2006:</strong>
-Google's <a href="">Summer of Code</a>
-will fund a
-<a href="">project</a>
-proposed by Philipp Scholl
-to add support for packaging and release dependencies to SCons.
-Stefan Seefeld will mentor.
-The current testing pre-release is 0.96.93, released 6 November 2006.
+The latest testing pre-release is 0.96.94, released 7 January 2007.
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