SCons / HOWTO / subrelease.txt


This document covers how to prepare subreleases of SCons--that is,
releases numbered with X.Y.Z format, such as 0.94.1, 1.0.1, etc.

If you need to prepare a release (X.Y, such as 0.93, 1.0, etc.), then
see the document HOWTO/release.txt.

Things to do to release a new X.Y.Z version of SCons:


        aenbr -p scons.0.{94} {1}

        aenc -p scons.0.{94}.{1}

            Call it something like,
            "Prepare a new sub-release for XYZ."
            Cause = internal_enhancement.
            Exempt it from all tests (*_exempt = true).

        ae_p scons.0.{94}.{1}

        aedb 100


        # Change the hard-coded package version numbers
        # in the following files.
        aecp README
        vi README

        aecp SConstruct
        vi SConstruct

        aecp rpm/
        vi rpm/

        aecp src/
        vi src/

        aecp QMTest/
        vi QMTest/

        # Read through and update the README files if necessary
        [optional] aecp README
        [optional] vi README

        [optional] aecp src/README.txt
        [optional] vi src/README.txt

        # Prepare src/CHANGES.txt
        aecp src/CHANGES.txt
        vi src/CHANGES.txt

            change the release line to reflect
            the new subrelease

            date -R the new subrelease

            add an explanatory not after the subrelease line:

                    NOTE:  This is a pre-release of 0.{95}
                    for testing purposes.  When 0.{95} is
                    released, all these changes will show
                    up as 0.95 changes.

        # Prepare src/RELEASE.txt
        aecp src/RELEASE.txt
        vi src/RELEASE.txt

            date -R the release only if necessary

            Read through and edit appropriately.

            Can probably keep most of the existing text

            Add any new known problems

        # Prepare debian/changelog
        aecp debian/changelog
        vi debian/changelog

            add the new subrelease

            date -R the new subrelease

        # Now build and prepare the release itself.

        aet -reg




    Make the relevant packages available for by-hand pickup directly
    off the web site:

        scp scons-0.{94}.{1}.tar.gz
        scp scons-0.{94}.{1}.zip

    Test downloading from the web site.

    Announce to