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    [Condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR]
 One can also create permutations with LIST-TO-PERM, which converts a
-list to a permutation.
+list to a permutation. The companion function PERM-TO-LIST does the
+opposite operation, but it's not recommended to use list
+representations of permutations.
 Lastly, there is an experimental reader macro for permutations, which
 are created at read time. To enable the syntax, use

File package.lisp

    #:perm                               ; Type, Structure
+   #:perm-to-list

File permutation.lisp

   (assert-valid-permutation-elements list)
   (%make-perm :spec (coerce (cons 0 (copy-list list)) 'vector)))
+(defun perm-to-list (perm)
+  "Convert a permutation PERM to a list representation."
+  (coerce (subseq (perm.spec perm) 1) 'list))
 (defun make-perm (&rest elements)
   "Construct a permutation from the numbers ELEMENTS."
   (list-to-perm elements))