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Add a file with extra functions PERM-EXTEND, LAST-TO-POSITION, PERM-INJECT.

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File cl-permutation.asd

                (:file "utilities")
                (:file "permutation")
                (:file "permutation-generation")
-               (:file "permutation-group")))
+               (:file "permutation-group")
+               (:file "extra-functions")))

File extra-functions.lisp

+;;;; extra-functions.lisp
+;;;; Copyright (c) 2012 Robert Smith
+;;; This file contains extra or experimental functions which are not
+;;; officially a part of the API.
+(in-package #:cl-permutation)
+(defun perm-extend (perm &optional (n 1))
+  "Extend a permutation PERM"
+  (assert (plusp n))
+  (perm-compose (perm-identity (+ (perm-size perm) n))
+                perm))
+(defun last-to-position (size new-pos)
+  "Create a permutation that will permute the last element of a
+permutation of size SIZE to the position NEW-POS."
+  (loop :for i :from size :downto new-pos
+        :collect i :into cycle
+        :finally (return (from-cycles (list cycle) size))))
+(defun perm-inject (perm inject-to)
+  "For a permutation PERM of size N, inject N+1 to the position
+  (perm-compose (perm-extend perm)
+                (last-to-position (1+ (perm-size perm))
+                                  inject-to)))