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;;;;                        I N T R O D U C T I O N
;;;;                        =======================

;;;; Computable real numbers x are interpreted as (potentially) infinite
;;;; fractions in base 2 that are specified through a rule for computation
;;;; of an integer a with |(2^k)*x - a| <= 1 for any k>=0.

;;;; The internal data structure should not be accessed.
;;;; The interface for the outside world is as follows:

;;;; The type CREAL is a supertype of the type RATIONAL. (CREAL-P x), for
;;;; an object x, returns T if x is of type CREAL, otherwise NIL.
;;;; (APPROX-R x k), for a CREAL x and an integer k>=0, returns an integer
;;;; a with |(2^k)*x - a| < 1.
;;;; (MAKE-REAL fun) returns the real number given by fun. Here fun is a
;;;; function taking an argument k, that computes a as above.

;;;; CREALs are output by print etc. as a decimal fraction. The error hereby
;;;; is at most one unit in the last digit that was output. The number of
;;;; decimal digits after the decimal point is defined through the dynamic
;;;; variable *PRINT-PREC*.
;;;; For comparison operations etc. a precision threshold is used. It is
;;;; defined through the dynamic variable *CREAL-TOLERANCE*. Its value should
;;;; be a nonnegative integer n, meaning that numbers are considered equal
;;;; if they differ by at most 2^(-n).

;;;;      E X P O R T E D   F U N C T I O N S   A N D   C O N S T A N T S
;;;;      ===============================================================

;;;; The following functions, constants and variables are exported. (The
;;;; package is named "REALS".)
;;;; CREAL                  type        type of the computable real numbers
;;;; CREAL-P object         function    tests for type CREAL
;;;; *PRINT-PREC*           variable    specifies precision of output
;;;; *CREAL-TOLERANCE*      variable    precision threshold for comparison
;;;; APPROX-R x:creal k:int>=0
;;;;                        function    returns approximation of x to k digits
;;;; MAKE-REAL function     function    creates object of type CREAL
;;;; RAW-APPROX-R x:creal   function    returns 3 values a,n,s with:
;;;;                                    if a = 0: |x| <= 2^(-n), s = 0
;;;;                                        and n >= *CREAL-TOLERANCE*
;;;;                                    else: a0 integer > 4, n0 integer >=0,
;;;;                                        s = +1 or -1, and sign(x) = s,
;;;;                                        (a-1)*2^(-n) <= |x| <= (a+1)*2^(-n)
;;;; PRINT-R x:creal k:int>=0 &optional (flag t)
;;;;                        function    outputs x with k decimal digits.
;;;;                                    If flag is true, first a newline.
;;;; +R {creal}*            function    computes the sum of the arguments
;;;; -R creal {creal}*      function    computes negative or difference
;;;; *R {creal}*            function    computes the product of the arguments
;;;; /R creal {creal}*      function    computes reciprocal or quotient
;;;; SQRT-R creal           function    computes the square root
;;;; LOG2-R                 constant    log(2)
;;;; PI-R                   constant    pi
;;;; 2PI-R                  constant    2*pi
;;;; PI/2-R                 constant    pi/2
;;;; PI/4-R                 constant    pi/4
;;;; LOG-R x:creal &optional b:creal
;;;;                        function    computes the logarithm of n in base b;
;;;;                                    default is the natural logarithm
;;;; EXP-R creal            function    computes the exponential function
;;;; EXPT-R x:creal y:creal function    computes x^y
;;;; SIN-R creal            function    computes the sine
;;;; COS-R creal            function    computes the cosine
;;;; TAN-R creal            function    computes the tangent
;;;; ATAN-R x:creal &optional y:creal
;;;;                        function    computes the arctangent of x or
;;;;                                    the phase angle of (x,y)
;;;; ASH-R x:creal n:int    function    computes x * 2^n
;;;; ROUND-R x:creal &optional y:creal
;;;;                        function    computes two values q (integer) and r
;;;;                                    (creal) with x = q*y + r and |r|<=|y|/2
;;;;                                    according to the precision specified by
;;;;                                    *CREAL-TOLERANCE*
;;;; FLOOR-R x:creal &optional y:creal
;;;;                        function    like ROUND-R, corresponding to floor
;;;; CEILING-R x:creal &optional y:creal
;;;;                        function    like ROUND-R, corresponding to ceiling
;;;; TRUNCATE-R x:creal &optional y:creal
;;;;                        function    like ROUND-R, corresponding to truncate

;;;; In the code, exported symbols at their location of definition are
;;;; emphasized in UPPERCASE.

;;;; ==========================================================================