Dear Onlookers,

This directory contains a bunch of (mostly) self-contained snippets of
Lisp code that I've have written. Many of them are simply experiments,
especially Lisp language experiments. Others are demonstrations.

Some of the files here have grown to be their own library. Examples

    * defdata.lisp -> CL-ALGEBRAIC-DATA-TYPE

      A library for algebraic data types in Lisp.

    * illogical-pathnames.lisp -> ILLOGICAL-PATHNAMES

      A library for dealing with a somewhat more logical version of
      logical pathnames.

    * interface.lisp -> INTERFACE

      A library for creating (programmatic) interfaces.

    * locative.lisp -> CL-LOCATIVES

      A library for manipulating (a form of) locatives, reminiscent of
      the Lisp Machine.

    * symbolic-function.lisp -> SYMBOLIC-FUNCTION

      A library for handling so-called "symbolic functions".

    * young.lisp -> CL-YOUNG-TABLEAUX

      A library for manipulating Young tableaux.

Not all code in this directory is complete or functional. Some files
were the start to an idea, and then were never finished. Other things
are long-term works-in-progress.

There are some sub-directories. In general, they are not very
organizationally meaningful to this repository as a whole. However,
there are two exceptions.

    1. The sub-directory "miscellaneous_exercises" contains
       interview-style questions or puzzles that I've done.

    2. The sub-directory "graphics" contains graphical programs I've
       sometimes shown during talks or demonstrations. They mostly
       make use of LispWorks' CAPI graphics system. As such, they are
       wholly dependent on having a LispWorks license.

Feel free to inspect or use the code. It is licensed under the BSD
3-clause license. Please see the LICENSE file. If you do find
something useful or interesting, do drop me a line.

Have fun,

Robert Smith