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(defun id (n)
  (coerce (loop :for i :below n
                :collect (1+ i)) 'vector))

(defun abs> (x y)
  (> (abs x)
     (abs y)))

(defun sign (x)
  (if (plusp x) 1 -1))

(defun leftp (x)
  (plusp x))

(defun rightp (x)
  (not (leftp x)))

(defun mobilep (idx perm &optional (len (length perm)))
  (let ((val (aref perm idx)))
      ((leftp val) (and (plusp idx)
                        (abs> val (aref perm (1- idx)))))
      ((rightp val) (and (not (= (1- len) idx))
                         (abs> val (aref perm (1+ idx))))))))

(defun reverse-direction (idx perm)
  (setf (aref perm idx) (- (aref perm idx))))

(defun exists-mobile-p (perm &optional (len (length perm)))
  (loop :for i :below len
        :thereis (mobilep i perm len)))

(defun next-perm (perm &optional (len (length perm)))
  (let ((idx -1)
        (max-mob -1))
    (when (exists-mobile-p perm len)
      ;; Find the largest mobile
      (loop :for i :below len
            :for x :across perm
            :if (and (mobilep i perm len)
                     (abs> x max-mob))
              :do (setf idx     i
                        max-mob x)
            :finally (let ((adj-idx (- idx (sign max-mob))))
                       ;; Swap the largest mobile element with its
                       ;; adjacent partner
                       (rotatef (aref perm idx)
                                (aref perm adj-idx))
                       ;; Reverse the direction of all larger
                       ;; elements.
                       (loop :for i :from 0
                             :for x :across perm
                             :when (abs> x max-mob)
                               :do (reverse-direction i perm))))

(defun perm-generator (n)
  (let ((perm t))
    (lambda ()
      ;; Check if PERM is NIL (if the generator was exhausted).
      (when perm
        ;; We do this hackery to be able to emit the initial
        ;; (identity) perm. Initially PERM is just T -- not a vector.
        (if (not (vectorp perm))
            (setf perm (id n))
            (let ((next (next-perm perm n)))
              ;; If we are at the end, then set PERM to NIL.
              (if next
                  (map 'vector #'abs next)
                  (setf perm nil))))))))

(defmacro doperms ((x n &optional result) &body body)
  (let ((perm (gensym "PERM")))
    `(loop :for ,perm := (id ,n) :then (next-perm ,perm)
           :while ,perm
           :do (let ((,x (map 'vector 'abs ,perm)))
           :finally (return ,result))))

(defun print-perms (n)
  (doperms (x n)
    (print x)))