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+;;;; partition-if.lisp
+;;;; Copyright (c) 2013 Robert Smith
+;;;; Implementations of PARTITION-IF and EQUIVALENCE-CLASSES.
+(defun partition-if (f list)
+  (loop :for x :in list
+        :if (funcall f x)
+          :collect x :into yes
+        :else
+          :collect x :into no
+        :finally (return (list yes no))))
+(defun partition-if (f seq)
+  "Partition the sequence SEQ into a list of elements satisfying the
+predicate F and a list of elements who do not."
+  (let ((yes nil)
+        (no nil))
+    (map nil
+         (lambda (x)
+           (if (funcall f x)
+               (push x yes)
+               (push x no)))
+         seq)
+    (list (nreverse yes)
+          (nreverse no))))
+(defun equivalence-classes (equiv seq)
+  "Partition the sequence SEQ into a list of equivalence classes
+according to the equivalence relation EQUIV."
+  (let ((half-length (floor (length seq) 2))
+        (classes nil))
+    (labels ((find-equivalence-class (x)
+               (find-if (lambda (class)
+                          (funcall equiv (aref class 0) x))
+                        classes))
+             (new-class (x)
+               (make-array half-length
+                           :initial-element x
+                           :adjustable t
+                           :fill-pointer 1))
+             (add-to-class (x)
+               (let ((class (find-equivalence-class x)))
+                 (if class
+                     (vector-push-extend x class)
+                     (push (new-class x) classes)))))
+      ;; Partition into equivalence classes.
+      (map nil #'add-to-class seq)
+      ;; Return the classes.
+      classes)))
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