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Add string compression exercise.

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+;;;; compress-spaces.lisp
+;;;; Copyright (c) 2013 Robert Smith
+(defun compress (s &key (max-length 2)
+                        (char-to-compress #\Space))
+  "Compress all runs of CHAR-TO-COMPRESS to sequences of at most
+length MAX-LENGTH."
+  (let ((current-write 0)
+        (run-length    0))
+    (dotimes (current-read (length s) (subseq s 0 current-write))
+      (let ((current-char (char s current-read)))
+        (if (char= current-char char-to-compress)
+            (unless (> (incf run-length) max-length)
+              (setf (char s current-write) current-char)
+              (incf current-write))
+            (progn
+              (setf run-length 0)
+              (setf (char s current-write) current-char)
+              (incf current-write)))))))
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