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git ignore
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Ignore additional FASL extension.
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fix verbiage
6.0 KB
word normalization for portuguese
5.7 KB
CPUEmu assembler and simulator.
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Update license
1.9 KB
move illogical-pathnames to its own sys
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A little implementation of AMB.
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Clarify wording.
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Clarify docs a little bit.
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binary tree
9.3 KB
Conditionally compile CLISP-specific code.
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add type declaration to ONES
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random BIT-VECTOR code.
8.3 KB
Add known SBCL optimization to INVERSE-MASK.
2.0 KB
Remove obsolete functions BLOOM-FILTER-LENGTH and BLOOM-FILTER-INSERT. Fix
7.2 KB
Allow generation of FUNCALL. Define DEFINE-RK-ITERATOR.
4.4 KB
Calkin-Wilf trees, Stern's diatomic sequence, and all that,
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15.3 KB
Fix and document Circus Seven puzzle.
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Added the start to some class checking stuff.
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add optimizations
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add simple test for compiler-rules.lisp
6.5 KB
minor changes to completion... it has moved to CL-STRING-COMPLETE
2.2 KB
"Continue anyway." -> "Return NIL." for coroutine exhaustion.
1.3 KB
Define Nth order CAR/CDR.
2.9 KB
Remove dependence on qtility.
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add note about grammar generation dependence
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* define DEFINE-CONSTANT earlier
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* define DEFINE-CONSTANT earlier
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return the symbol being defined.
2.8 KB
update copyright
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general destructuring mechanism
1.6 KB
make a proper dfa structure
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discrete distribution computations
1.6 KB
do-all macro
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7.3 KB
Add some patterns.
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3.3 KB
deprecate dynamic collector
2.2 KB
typo, '<tag' --> '<tag>'
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Add some info about strategy to the top of ENUMERATE-GRAMMAR.
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Eulerian number puzzle.
2.8 KB
fix bug in COUNT-FACTOR
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some minor cleanup to the simple fft
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Fibonacci numbers
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fixed point combinator stuff
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slim down
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more documentation
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start to forth
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Add todo
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added syntactic abstractions
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added simple gcd tests
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Obsolete generators.
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add floating point traps, and add reader conditionals
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line endings
5.4 KB
j`ey's C++ generation
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let formatter for hash tables return NIL
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Add an option to clear the cache.
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Simplify lisp hist function
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added start to a FLOAT PRINTER
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move illogical-pathnames to its own sys
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15.5 KB
Take out DX decl. Make slots have type FUNCTION. Add (THE FUNCTION ..)
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add todo
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improve style: cond -> typecase
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kasadkad 2 fact
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subsequence code
12.7 KB
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Add note about generalizing LET-ALIST.
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Lift "static" variables out of closure.
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Add unary negation.
4.7 KB
2.3 KB
deprecate locative.lisp
4.8 KB
remove var in comments
3.0 KB
lowercase l
993 B
initial MAKE-API functions. Vastly incomplete.
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Add naive mandelbrot code in CL.
1.3 KB
memory efficient implementation of MAP-PRODUCT
2.7 KB
* Add a print function
3.8 KB
Markov chains.
3.1 KB
Change comment about my contributions
2.0 KB
use *STANDARD-OUTPUT* instead of a new stream variable
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make type decl more specific
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Optimize unchecked calls into &KEY-less calls.
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Constructing natural numbers out of sets.
3.6 KB
Fix the sigmoids: they were backwards.
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add a file with misc notes
9.3 KB
quick n dirty number game solver
36.5 KB
WITH-MODULAR-ARITHMETIC for optimized constant modulus arithmeitc
1.2 KB
convert rational numbers to binary
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4.0 KB
3.4 KB
1.7 KB
1.2 KB
Baroque implementation of PARTITIONS.
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people in a circle problem
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removed unnecessary line
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remove chan name
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move policy-cond into a state of obsolescence
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Add some notes about algebraic numbers and resultants.
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Add fusion code.
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improvements and added tests
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fix typo
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many clean ups and optimizations
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return the size of the visited state space as well in COUNT-SOLUTIONS
1.9 KB
random-grouping exercise
994 B
normalize results
1.7 KB
ascii art
3.5 KB
Fix type check for TOLERANCE.
1.9 KB
fix field size for ext-rdrand-format
6.6 KB
Bisecting array mapping function.
8.2 KB
Add a TODO, rename file
2.3 KB
Added restart code from blog post.
3.6 KB
Minimal implementation of Runge-Kutta.
2.0 KB
added a little messy are pee enn calculator prompt
6.7 KB
sincos for sbcl
2.8 KB
start to basic sequence matching algorithms
2.1 KB
added a curve drawer based on furnaceboi's
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ski combinator calculus
10.0 KB
added a little continued fraction dealio
5.7 KB
Initial awful version of the game SNAKE using CL-CHARMS.
2.0 KB
5.5 KB
First go at a state machine implementation.
2.7 KB
11.6 KB
Allow bit reversal of vectors of length < 4.
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names and add'l decl
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2.7 KB
Implement SYMBOL-MACROLET-1 more correctly using MACROEXPAND-DAMMIT
1.4 KB
5.9 KB
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random chars
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finish comment
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Remove tests, and all but the fastest Thue-Morse computation.
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triangle print
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Change TSORT to be destructive. Add TSORT-COPY for non-destructive variant.
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added a little messy are pee enn calculator prompt
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Add pjb's version
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Fix filename in header
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Add package declaration.
Dear Onlookers,

This directory contains a bunch of (mostly) self-contained snippets of
Lisp code that I've have written. Many of them are simply experiments,
especially Lisp language experiments. Others are demonstrations.

Some of the files here have grown to be their own library. Examples

    * defdata.lisp -> CL-ALGEBRAIC-DATA-TYPE

      A library for algebraic data types in Lisp.

    * illogical-pathnames.lisp -> ILLOGICAL-PATHNAMES

      A library for dealing with a somewhat more logical version of
      logical pathnames.

    * interface.lisp -> INTERFACE

      A library for creating (programmatic) interfaces.

    * locative.lisp -> CL-LOCATIVES

      A library for manipulating (a form of) locatives, reminiscent of
      the Lisp Machine.

    * symbolic-function.lisp -> SYMBOLIC-FUNCTION

      A library for handling so-called "symbolic functions".

    * young.lisp -> CL-YOUNG-TABLEAUX

      A library for manipulating Young tableaux.

Not all code in this directory is complete or functional. Some files
were the start to an idea, and then were never finished. Other things
are long-term works-in-progress.

There are some sub-directories. In general, they are not very
organizationally meaningful to this repository as a whole. However,
there are two exceptions.

    1. The sub-directory "miscellaneous_exercises" contains
       interview-style questions or puzzles that I've done.

    2. The sub-directory "graphics" contains graphical programs I've
       sometimes shown during talks or demonstrations. They mostly
       make use of LispWorks' CAPI graphics system. As such, they are
       wholly dependent on having a LispWorks license.

Feel free to inspect or use the code. It is licensed under the BSD
3-clause license. Please see the LICENSE file. If you do find
something useful or interesting, do drop me a line.

Have fun,

Robert Smith