lisp-random / lisp86_64.lisp

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;;;; lisp86_64.lisp
;;;; Copyright (c) 2012 Robert Smith

;;; Computational Registers

(defvar *return-registers* '(:rax :eax))

(defvar *fastcall-registers*
  '(:rdi :rsi :rdx :rcx :r8 :r9)
  "Registers that are used for argument passing in the fastcall
  calling convention.")

(defvar *scratch-registers*
  '(:rax :rcx :rdx :rsi :r8 :r9 :r10 :r11)
  "Registers that can be used as scratchwork in the fastcall calling

(defvar *callee-responsible-registers*
  '(:rbx :rsp :rbp :r12 :r13 :r14 :r15)
  "Registers that the callee are responsible for preserving in the
  fastcall calling convention.")

;;; The Raspberry Registers

(defvar *frame-pointer-register* :rbp
  "The register containing the frame pointer.")

(defvar *stack-pointer-register* :rsp
  "The register containing the stack pointer.")

;;;    rsp+8n = look at stack[n]
;;;    rsp-8n = allocate n words

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Instructions ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

(defstruct (isn (:conc-name isn.)
                (:constructor make-isn (op &rest args)))
  (op   :nop :type keyword
             :read-only t)
  (args nil  :type list))

(defun format-isn (isn)
  (with-output-to-string (s)
    (labels ((kw (k)
               (string-downcase (symbol-name k)))
             (format-arg (arg)
               (princ " " s)
               (etypecase arg
                 (integer (princ arg s))
                 (keyword (princ (kw arg) s))
                 (label (princ ( arg) s))
                 (list (error "unimplemented formatting for ~S" arg)))))
      ;; Operator
      (princ (kw (isn.op isn)) s)
      ;; Operands
      (let ((args (isn.args isn)))
        (case (length args)
          ((0) nil)
          ((1) (format-arg (first args)))
             (dolist (arg (butlast args))
               (format-arg arg)
               (princ "," s))
             (format-arg (first (last args))))))))))

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Labels ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

(defstruct (label (:conc-name label.)
                  (:constructor make-label (name)))
  (name (error "A label requires a name.") :type string
                                           :read-only t))

(let ((label-counter 0))
  (defun genlabel (&optional (prefix "L"))
    (incf label-counter)
    (make-label (format nil "~A~D" prefix label-counter))))

(defun print-asm (asm &optional (stream *standard-output*))
  (dolist (isn asm)
    (etypecase isn
      (string (progn                    ; Intended for simple additions.
                (princ isn stream)
                (terpri stream)))
      (label (progn
               (princ ( isn))
               (princ ":")
               (terpri stream)))
      (isn (progn
             (princ "        " stream)
             (princ (format-isn isn) stream)
             (terpri stream))))))

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ASM generation ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

(defun generate-asm (expr &key name
                               (auto-generate-name-p t))
  (let ((isns nil)
        (fn? (or name auto-generate-name-p)))
    (labels ((isn (op &rest args)
               (push (apply 'make-isn op args)
             (gen (expr)
                 ((integerp expr) (isn :push expr))

                 ((atom expr) (error "unknown thing ~S" expr))

                 ((= 2 (length expr))
                    (gen (second expr))
                    (isn :pop :eax)
                    ;; Generate arithmetic.
                    (case (car expr)
                      ((-) (isn :neg :eax)))
                    ;; Push the result back onto the stack.
                    (isn :push :eax)))
                 ((= 3 (length expr))
                    ;; Generate code for the first argument.
                    (gen (second expr))
                    ;; Generate code for the second argument.
                    (gen (third expr))
                    ;; Pop arguments off the stack into registers.
                    (isn :pop :edx)
                    (isn :pop :eax)
                    ;; Generate arithmetic.
                    (case (car expr)
                      ;; +-* all are easy.
                      ((+) (isn :add :eax :edx))
                      ((-) (isn :sub :eax :edx))
                      ((*) (isn :imul :eax :edx))
                      ;; division requires
                      ;;   - dividend is the concatenation
                      ;;     of edx and eax
                      ;;   - divisor in any reg (here ecx)
                      ;; Since we only want 32-bit division,
                      ;; we fill edx with the sign of eax.
                      ;; Quotient will be in eax, remainder
                      ;; in edx.
                      ((/ %)
                       ;; Get our divisor in place.
                       (isn :mov :ecx :edx)
                       ;; Fill edx with appropriate sign bits.
                       (isn :cdq)
                       ;; Perform division.
                       (isn :idiv :ecx)
                       ;; Move remainder into eax if we wanted that.
                       (when (eq (car expr) '%)
                         (isn :mov :eax :edx))))
                    ;; Push the result back onto the stack.
                    (isn :push :eax)))
                 (t (error "unknown thing ~S" expr)))))
      ;; Add label name.
      (when fn?
        (let ((lab (if name
                       (make-label name)
          (push (concatenate 'string
                             "global "
                             ( lab))
          (push lab isns)))
      ;; Generate all the code.
      (gen expr)
      ;; Get result into eax.
      (isn :pop :eax)
      ;; Return the value.
      (when fn?
        (isn :ret))
      ;; Return instructions.
      (nreverse isns))))