lisp-random / make-api.lisp

;;; Generate APIs

(defun ensure-list (obj)
  "Make OBJ a list if it already isn't one."
  (if (listp obj)
      (list obj)))

(defun emit-comment (comment &optional (level 3))
  "Generate a comment string from the comment COMMENT at level LEVEL."
  (check-type level integer)
  (assert (plusp level)
          "Comment level must be a positive integer. Given ~S."
  (concatenate 'string
               (make-string level :initial-element #\;)
               " "

(defun emit-function (name args &key documentation)
  (when (and (stringp documentation)
             (string= documentation ""))
    (setf documentation nil))
  (let ((*print-case* :downcase))
    (with-output-to-string (s)
       `(defun ,name ,args
          ,@(ensure-list documentation))

 "Create a comment containing STRING at depth level LEVEL."
 (string level -> list)
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