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Add some type declarations to POSITIVEP and friends

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File arithmetic.lisp

 (defun positivep (n)
   "Check if N is positive."
+  (declare (type real n))
   (plusp n))
 (defun negativep (n)
   "Check if N is negative."
+  (declare (type real n))
   (minusp n))
 (defun non-negative-p (n)
   "Check if N is non-negative."
+  (declare (type real n))
   (>= n 0))
 (defun non-positive-p (n)
   "Check if N is non-positive."
+  (declare (type real n))
   (<= n 0))
 (defun non-zero-p (n)
   "Check if N is non-zero."
+  (declare (type real n))
   (not (zerop n)))
 (defun integral-length (n &optional (base 10))