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                           by Robert Smith

SYNONYMS is a package to provide synonyms to equivalent CL
functionality. It is a library existing for its utilitarian value, but
differs from other utility libraries in that it does not present any
new functionality, algorithms, or data structures to Common Lisp.

SYNONYMS provides synonyms for a variety of functional and stylistic
reasons. It provides synonyms that are

   * useful for readability's sake, such as TRUE and FALSE.
   * useful for functional programming, such as STRCAT
   * useful for particular styles of programming

Not all functionality provided by SYNONYMS are precise duplicates of
the functionality of another symbol in Common Lisp. For example,
NON-ZERO-P, a function useful for functional programming, does not
have a direct synonymous equivalent; it is defined as

    (not (zerop n)).

However, this is small enough and close enough to act as a synonym.

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