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 Packaging provides a set of tools to deal with downloads and installation of
 distributions.  Their role is to download the distribution from indexes, resolve
-the dependencies, and provide a safe way to install all the distributions.
+the dependencies, and provide a safe way to install distributions.  An operation
+that fails will cleanly roll back, not leave half-installed distributions on the
+system.  Here's the basic process followed:
+#. Move all distributions that will be removed to a temporary location.
+#. Install all the distributions that will be installed in a temporary location.
+#. If the installation fails, move the saved distributions back to their
+   location and delete the installed distributions.
+#. Otherwise, move the installed distributions to the right location and delete
+   the temporary locations.
 This is a higher-level module built on :mod:`packaging.database` and
+Public functions
+.. function:: get_infos(requirements, index=None, installed=None, \
+                        prefer_final=True)
+   Return information about what's going to be installed and upgraded.
+   *requirements* is a string string containing the requirements for this
+   project, for example ``'FooBar 1.1'`` or ``'BarBaz (<1.2)'``.
+   .. XXX are requirements comma-separated?
+   If you want to use another index than the main PyPI, give its URI as *index*
+   argument.
+   *installed* is a list of already installed distributions used to find
+   satisfied dependencies, obsoleted distributions and eventual conflicts.
+   By default, alpha, beta and candidate versions are not picked up.  Set
+   *prefer_final* to false to accept them too.
+   The results are returned in a dictionary containing all the information
+   needed to perform installation of the requirements with the
+   :func:`install_from_infos` function:
+   >>> get_install_info("FooBar (<=1.2)")
+   {'install': [<FooBar 1.1>], 'remove': [], 'conflict': []}
+   .. TODO should return tuple or named tuple, not dict
+   .. TODO use "predicate" or "requirement" consistently in version and here
+   .. FIXME "info" cannot be plural in English, s/infos/info/
+.. function:: install(project)
+.. function:: install_dists(dists, path, paths=None)
+   Safely install all distributions provided in *dists* into *path*.  *paths* is
+   a list of paths where already-installed distributions will be looked for to
+   find satisfied dependencies and conflicts (default: :data:`sys.path`).
+   Returns a list of installed dists.
+   .. FIXME dists are instances of what?
+.. function:: install_from_infos(install_path=None, install=[], remove=[], \
+                                 conflicts=[], paths=None)
+   Safely install and remove given distributions.  This function is designed to
+   work with the return value of :func:`get_infos`: *install*, *remove* and
+   *conflicts* should be list of distributions returned by :func:`get_infos`.
+   If *install* is not empty, *install_path* must be given to specify the path
+   where the distributions should be installed.  *paths* is a list of paths
+   where already-installed distributions will be looked for (default:
+   :data:`sys.path`).
+   This function is a very basic installer; if *conflicts* is not empty, the
+   system will be in a conflicting state after the function completes.  It is a
+   building block for more sophisticated installers with conflict resolution
+   systems.
+   .. TODO document typical value for install_path
+   .. TODO document integration with default schemes, esp. user site-packages
+.. function:: install_local_project(path)
+   Install a distribution from a source directory, which must contain either a
+   Packaging-compliant :file:`setup.cfg` file or a legacy Distutils
+   :file:`setup.py` script (in which case Distutils will be used under the hood
+   to perform the installation).
+.. function::  remove(project_name, paths=None, auto_confirm=True)
+   Remove one distribution from the system.
+   .. FIXME this is the only function using "project" instead of dist/release
-   API
-   ---
    Example usage
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