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Minor tweaks to command submodule docs

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 ``peel_banana`` (so that users can run ``setup.py peel_banana``), you'd copy
 :file:`command_template` to :file:`packaging/command/peel_banana.py`, then edit
 it so that it's implementing the class :class:`peel_banana`, a subclass of
-Subclasses of :class:`Command` must define the following methods.
+:class:`Command`.  It must define the following methods:
 .. method:: Command.initialize_options()
    filesystem interaction should be done by :meth:`run`.
+Command classes may define this attribute:
 .. attribute:: Command.sub_commands
    *sub_commands* formalizes the notion of a "family" of commands,
    *sub_commands* is usually defined at the *end* of a class, because
    predicates can be methods of the class, so they must already have been
    defined.  The canonical example is the :command:`install_dist` command.
+.. XXX document how to add a custom command to another one's subcommands
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