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This repository and wiki are out of date. Use or if you want to get the code. See for more information.

How to run tests

  1. hg clone
  2. cd cpython
  3. ./configure --with-pydebug
  4. make -s
  5. ./python -m test test_packaging

For now, after a "make install", you will have to copy manually the "Lib/sysconfig.cfg" to you install directory (usually /usr/local/lib/python3.3/)


Add a task and put your name by it. Please do not work on something unless specified here, this helps us to not work on the same issues at the same time.

Before the merge

  • remove leaking threads
  • check that the documentation is ok
  • add documentation about the history of packaging/distutils2
  • copy the sysconfig.cfg automatically
  • rebase + merge


  • improve the packaging documentation index page
  • add some docs explaining the differences between packaging and distutils/setuptools
  • finalize the pysetup feature set:
  • search [alexis]
  • install [kelsey]
  • remove
  • add a way to deal with a "packagingrc" file
  • Generate the dist-info dir with sdist
  • Do documentation about installation hooks (add exemples)
  • Check the indexes are behaving properly with two levels of links (see with kelsey for a real exemple)
  • define a specification document for setup.cfg [tarek]
  • add an API in pkgutil to return a version string of a project for a given module [yannick]
  • metadata extensions ("x-key = value" setup.cfg entries) [pumazi]
  • exe wrapper [merwok: ??]
  • namespace support (depends on PEP 382)
  • test on real projects
  • backport [merwok: I have ideas about that, but no time before July]

Fixing commands

Get all commands working ('pysetup remove <package>', etc.)

khightower: I have completed very basic functional testing of:

  • pysetup remove
  • pysetup search
  • pysetup graph
  • pysetup install