distribute / CONTRIBUTORS.txt

The branch '0.6-maintenance' does not exist.
tarek cd4da3d 

Alice Bevan-McGr… c6ab7df 
tarek 502e76f 
Christophe Combe… bec2eb2 
Hanno Schlichtin… 6c39548 
tarek cd4da3d 
Jannis Leidel 37e97a8 
tarek cd4da3d 
Hanno Schlichtin… 6c39548 
nibrahim bbc171c 
Hanno Schlichtin… 6c39548 

Robert Myers 4ab9b96 
tarek cd4da3d 
Tarek Ziadé 09d869e 
tarek cd4da3d 


* Alex Grönholm
* Alice Bevan-McGregor
* Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
* Christophe Combelles
* Daniel Stutzbach
* Hanno Schlichting
* Jannis Leidel
* Lennart Regebro
* Martin von Löwis
* Noufal Ibrahim
* Philip Jenvey
* Reinout van Rees
* Robert Myers
* Tarek Ziadé
* Toshio Kuratomi

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