distribute / release.sh

The branch '0.6-maintenance' does not exist.
phillip.eby b18d83e 
Tarek Ziadé 7c2b0ac 
phillip.eby b18d83e 
tarek 84d1581 

tarek fe2800e 
tarek 8b9ff3e 
phillip.eby b18d83e 
tarek 453bb02 
tarek 6e5d31e 
tarek 669ed93 

tarek 05fe6dc 
agronholm 87688b4 
Tarek Ziadé e1c76cd 
tarek 3144b01 
tarek 84d1581 
tarek faa50ae 
tarek 84d1581 
export VERSION="0.6.12"

# tagging
hg tag $VERSION
hg ci -m "bumped revision"

# creating the releases
rm -rf ./dist

# now preparing the source release, pushing it and its doc
python2.6 setup.py -q egg_info -RDb '' sdist register upload
cd docs/
make html
cd ..
python2.6 setup.py upload_docs

# pushing the bootstrap script
scp distribute_setup.py ziade.org:websites/python-distribute.org/

# starting the new dev
hg push
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