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Update CHANGES and docs.

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+* If Sphinx is installed, the `upload_docs` command now runs `build_sphinx`
+  to produce uploadable documentation.
+* Issue #326: `upload_docs` provided mangled auth credentials under Python 3.
 * Issue #320: Fix check for "createable" in distribute_setup.py.
 * Issue #305: Remove a warning that was triggered during normal operations.
 * Issue #311: Print metadata in UTF-8 independent of platform.

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     python setup.py upload_docs --upload-dir=docs/build/html
-As with any other ``setuptools`` based command, you can define useful
+If no ``--upload-dir`` is given, ``upload_docs`` will attempt to run the
+``build_sphinx`` command to generate uploadable documentation.
+For the command to become available, `Sphinx <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/>`_
+must be installed in the same environment as distribute.
+As with other ``setuptools``-based commands, you can define useful
 defaults in the ``setup.cfg`` of your Python project, e.g.:
 .. code-block:: ini