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Fix for (backport from trunk)

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             map(self.add, dists)
     def url_ok(self, url, fatal=False):
-        if self.allows(urlparse.urlparse(url)[1]):
+        s = URL_SCHEME(url)
+        if (s and'file') or self.allows(urlparse.urlparse(url)[1]):
             return True
         msg = "\nLink to % s ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts\n"
         if fatal:
                 dist.precedence = SOURCE_DIST
     def process_index(self,url,page):
         """Process the contents of a PyPI page"""
         def scan(link):


             self.assert_(url in str(v))
+    def test_url_ok(self):
+        index = setuptools.package_index.PackageIndex(
+            hosts=('',)
+        )
+        url = 'file:///tmp/test_package_index'
+        self.assert_(index.url_ok(url, True))
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