phillip.eby  committed 1bc5aaa

Handle empty revision numbers in SVN 1.4 "entries" format
(backport from trunk)

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File setuptools.txt

    installer on Unix, without doing multiple downloads, dealing with firewalls,
+ * Fix problem with empty revision numbers in Subversion 1.4 ``entries`` files
  * Fixed breakages caused by Subversion 1.4's new "working copy" format

File setuptools/command/

                 data = map(str.splitlines,data.split('\n\x0c\n'))
                 del data[0][0]  # get rid of the '8'
                 dirurl = data[0][3]
-                localrev = max([int(d[9]) for d in data if len(d)>9])
+                localrev = max([int(d[9]) for d in data if len(d)>9 and d[9]])
             elif data.startswith('<?xml'):
                 dirurl =    # get repository URL
                 localrev = max([int( for m in revre.finditer(data)])