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phillip.eby  committed 1c2c456

``ftp:`` download URLs now work correctly. (backport from trunk)

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 Release Notes/Change History
+ * ``ftp:`` download URLs now work correctly.
  * EasyInstall no longer aborts the installation process if a URL it wants to
    retrieve can't be downloaded, unless the URL is an actual package download.

File setuptools/__init__.py

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 distutils.filelist.findall = findall    # fix findall bug in distutils.

File setuptools/package_index.py

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     def _attempt_download(self, url, filename):
         headers = self._download_to(url, filename)
-        if 'html' in headers['content-type'].lower():
+        if 'html' in headers.get('content-type','').lower():
             return self._download_html(url, headers, filename)
             return filename
 def open_with_auth(url):
     """Open a urllib2 request, handling HTTP authentication"""