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Fix local --find-links eggs not being copied except with --always-copy.
(merge from trunk)

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 Release Notes/Change History
+ * Fix local --find-links eggs not being copied except with --always-copy.
  * Don't install or update a ```` patch when installing to a
    ``PYTHONPATH`` directory with ``--multi-version``, unless an


     def install_item(self, spec, download, tmpdir, deps, install_needed=False):
         # Installation is also needed if file in tmpdir or is not an egg
+        install_needed = install_needed or self.always_copy
         install_needed = install_needed or os.path.dirname(download) == tmpdir
         install_needed = install_needed or not download.endswith('.egg')
+        if spec and not install_needed:
+            # at this point, we know it's a local .egg, we just don't know if
+            # it's already installed.
+            for dist in self.local_index[spec.project_name]:
+                if dist.location==download:
+                    break
+            else:
+                install_needed = True   # it's not in the local index
+"Processing %s", os.path.basename(download))
-        if install_needed or self.always_copy:
+        if install_needed:
             dists = self.install_eggs(spec, download, tmpdir)
             for dist in dists:
                 self.process_distribution(spec, dist, deps)
     def process_distribution(self, requirement, dist, deps=True, *info):
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