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 Distribute comes in two flavors: in eggs or as a source distribution. Archives
-are available at the PyPI page and here : 
+are available at the PyPI page.
 It can be installed using easy_install or pip, with the source tarball, with the
 eggs distribution, or using the ``distribute_setup.py`` script provided online.
 Download the source tarball, and uncompress it, then run the install command::
-    $ wget http://bitbucket.org/tarek/distribute/downloads/distribute-0.6.tar.gz
+    $ wget http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/d/distribute/distribute-0.6.tar.gz
     $ tar -xzvf distribute-0.6.tar.gz
     $ cd distribute-0.6
     $ python setup.py install
   Last, you will need to use the provided special `bootstrap.py` file,
   located in the buildout directory.
-XXX will point to setuptools doc.
-* More to add here I need to list (Hanno, me, other guys..)
+* Tarek Ziadé
+* Hanno Schlichting
+* Many other people that helped on Distutils-SIG (please add your name here)
 * Phillip Eby for the Setuptools project. 

File distribute_setup.py

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 DEFAULT_URL     = "http://pypi.python.org/packages/%s/d/distribute/" % sys.version[:3]
 md5_data = {
-    'distribute-0.6-py2.3.egg': '16c8d2490913748f1ebb363c90fa635e',
-    'distribute-0.6-py2.4.egg': '41efe13d5283f9fd1d3a81119c6a00dd',
-    'distribute-0.6-py2.5.egg': '93ae3b80f237983f3f23ae08a46516a1',
-    'distribute-0.6-py2.6.egg': 'bc68d9e041be3193189177daee79cd02',
+    'distribute-0.6-py2.3.egg': 'ebf4aced9597b90e3d166718f7841548',
+    'distribute-0.6-py2.4.egg': '5ce9c81c3c254d30089949ea50505aa7',
+    'distribute-0.6-py2.5.egg': 'd2a4e16bc4ff4e23e980740d90dd27f1',
+    'distribute-0.6-py2.6.egg': '44a8b060282ccbf867b66fa489e6396c',
 def _validate_md5(egg_name, data):

File docs/setuptools.txt

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     this kind of patching to work with setuptools.
     If you or your users have a problem building a usable system package for
-    your project, please report the problem via the `mailing list`_ so that
+    your project, please report the problem via the mailing list so that
     either the "bdist" tool in question or setuptools can be modified to
     resolve the issue.