Ronny Pfannschmidt  committed 35edad5

fix develop --user for having '.' in PYTHON_PATH

the pth file update wouldn't work
if the distribution location is in the side dirs

so we special-case for the location being the cwd

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File setuptools/command/

     def add(self,dist):
         """Add `dist` to the distribution map"""
-        if dist.location not in self.paths and dist.location not in self.sitedirs:
-            self.paths.append(dist.location); self.dirty = True
+        if (dist.location not in self.paths and (
+                dist.location not in self.sitedirs or
+                dist.location == os.getcwd() #account for '.' being in PYTHONPATH
+                )):
+            self.paths.append(dist.location)
+            self.dirty = True
     def remove(self,dist):