Tarek Ziadé avatar Tarek Ziadé committed 3e559da

changed target version : 0.6c9 -> 0.6

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 # If your initials aren't PJE, don't run it.  :)
-export VERSION="0.6c9"
+export VERSION="0.6"
 python2.3 setup.py -q release source --target-version=2.3 upload && \
 python2.4 setup.py -q release binary --target-version=2.4 upload && \
 execfile(convert_path('setuptools/command/__init__.py'), d)
 SETUP_COMMANDS = d['__all__']
-VERSION = "0.6c9"
+VERSION = "0.6"
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
 import sys


 from distutils.util import convert_path
 import os.path
-__version__ = '0.6c9'
+__version__ = '0.6'
 __all__ = [
     'setup', 'Distribution', 'Feature', 'Command', 'Extension', 'Require',
     return out
 setup = distutils.core.setup
 _Command = _get_unpatched(_Command)
 class Command(_Command):
         for k,v in kw.items():
     def reinitialize_command(self, command, reinit_subcommands=0, **kw):
         cmd = _Command.reinitialize_command(self, command, reinit_subcommands)
         for k,v in kw.items():
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