Jason R. Coombs committed 4f82563

Fix two failing tests on Windows (paths separated by backslash didn't match manifest paths separated by slash).

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 import unittest
 import urllib
 import unicodedata
+import posixpath
 from StringIO import StringIO
         # UTF-8 filename
-        filename = os.path.join('sdist_test', 'smörbrö')
+        filename = posixpath.join('sdist_test', 'smörbrö')
         # Add UTF-8 filename and write manifest
         # Latin-1 filename
-        filename = os.path.join(b('sdist_test'), LATIN1_FILENAME)
+        filename = posixpath.join(b('sdist_test'), LATIN1_FILENAME)
         # Add filename with surrogates and write manifest
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