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 * Issue #283: Reenable scanning of *.pyc / *.pyo files on Python 3.3.
+* Issue #299: The develop command didn't work on Python 3, when using 2to3,
+  as the egg link would go to the Python 2 source. Linking to the 2to3'd code
+  in build/lib makes it work, although you will have to rebuild the module
+  before testing it.


 thereby making it available on ``sys.path`` for all programs using that Python
+If you have enabled the ``use_2to3`` flag, then of course the ``.egg-link``
+will not link directly to your source code when run under Python 3, since
+that source code would be made for Python 2 and not work under Python 3.
+Instead the ``setup.py develop`` will build Python 3 code under the ``build``
+directory, and link there. This means that after doing code changes you will
+have to run ``setup.py build`` before these changes are picked up by your
+Python 3 installation.
 In addition, the ``develop`` command creates wrapper scripts in the target
 script directory that will run your in-development scripts after ensuring that
 all your ``install_requires`` packages are available on ``sys.path``.
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