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Backport doc fixes and 2.4-only -m safety check to 0.6 branch

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File EasyInstall.txt

  * Possible use of ``inspect`` functions that expect to manipulate source files
    (e.g. ``inspect.getsource()``)
- * Any data files or C extensions (this restriction will be removed in a future
-   release, once the ``pkg_resources`` runtime has been hardened for multi-user
-   environments)
+ * Top-level modules that might be scripts used with ``python -m`` (Python 2.4)
 If any of the above are found in the package being installed, EasyInstall will
 assume that the package cannot be safely run from a zipfile, and unzip it to
     EasyInstall will not actually build or install the requested projects or
     their dependencies; it will just find and extract them for you.  See
     `Editing and Viewing Source Packages`_ above for more details.
 ``--build-directory=DIR, -b DIR`` (UPDATED in 0.6a1)
     Set the directory used to build source packages.  If a package is built
     from a source distribution or checkout, it will be extracted to a
     install_lib = ~/py-lib
     install_scripts = ~/bin
 Be sure to do this *before* you try to run the ```` installation
 script.  Then, follow the standard `installation instructions`_, but make
 sure that ``~/py-lib`` is listed in your ``PYTHONPATH`` environment variable.

File setuptools/command/

                 log.warn("%s: module MAY be using inspect.%s", module, bad)
                 safe = False
     if '__name__' in symbols and '__main__' in symbols and '.' not in module:
-        if get_python_version()>="2.4":
+        if sys.version[:3]=="2.4":  # -m works w/zipfiles in 2.5
             log.warn("%s: top-level module may be 'python -m' script", module)
             safe = False
     return safe