Jason R. Coombs committed 8f93340

Improved the MockServer so it now more effectively handles multiple requests (as any index server really must).
Test now more accurately captures the working scenario.

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File setuptools/tests/

         self.send_response(200, 'OK')
-class MockServer(HTTPServer):
+class MockServer(HTTPServer, threading.Thread):
     A simple HTTP Server that records the requests made to it.
         HTTPServer.__init__(self, server_address, RequestHandlerClass,
-        self.threads = []
+        threading.Thread.__init__(self)
+        self.daemon = True
-    def handle_request_in_thread(self):
-        self.threads.append(threading.Thread(target = self.handle_request))
-        # todo: ensure that threads are closed.
+    def run(self):
+        self.serve_forever()
     def url(self):
         return 'http://localhost:%(server_port)s/' % vars(self)

File setuptools/tests/

 import contextlib
 import textwrap
 import tarfile
+import urlparse
 from setuptools.command.easy_install import easy_install, get_script_args, main
 from setuptools.command.easy_install import  PthDistributions
         # set up a server which will simulate an alternate package index.
         p_index = setuptools.tests.server.MockServer()
-        p_index.handle_request_in_thread()
+        p_index.start()
+        p_index_loc = urlparse.urlparse(p_index.url).netloc
         # create an sdist that has a build-time dependency.
         with TestSetupRequires.create_sdist() as dist_file:
             with tempdir_context() as temp_install_dir:
                 with environment_context(PYTHONPATH=temp_install_dir):
                     ei_params = ['--index-url', p_index.url,
-                        '--allow-hosts', 'localhost',
+                        '--allow-hosts', p_index_loc,
                         '--exclude-scripts', '--install-dir', temp_install_dir,
                     # attempt to install the dist. It should fail because
                         easy_install_pkg.main, ei_params)
-        self.assertEqual(len(p_index.requests), 1)
-        self.assertEqual(p_index.requests[0].path, 'x')
+        self.assertEqual(len(p_index.requests), 2)
+        self.assertEqual(p_index.requests[0].path, '/does-not-exist/')