Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 9572ef0

Fix issue where easy_install fails on Python 3 on windows installer. Fixes #212

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 easy_install = setuptools.command.easy_install:main
-easy_install-2.6 = setuptools.command.easy_install:main
+easy_install-2.7 = setuptools.command.easy_install:main
 svn_cvs = setuptools.command.sdist:_default_revctrl


         cfg = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser({'version':'','target_version':''})
-            cfg.readfp(StringIO.StringIO(f.read(cfglen).split(chr(0),1)[0]))
+            part = f.read(cfglen)
+            # part is in bytes, but we need to read up to the first null
+            #  byte.
+            null_byte = bytes([0]) if sys.version_info >= (2,6) else chr(0)
+            config, = part.split(null_byte, 1)
+            # Now the config is in bytes, but on Python 3, it must be
+            #  unicode for the RawConfigParser, so decode it. Is this the
+            #  right encoding?
+            config = config.decode('ascii')
+            cfg.readfp(StringIO.StringIO(config))
         except ConfigParser.Error:
             return None
         if not cfg.has_section('metadata') or not cfg.has_section('Setup'):
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