Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 9a2850f

Update changelog and add comment to registering of SourceFileLoader

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 * Fix 2 errors with Jython 2.5.
 * Fix 1 failure with Jython 2.5 and 2.7.
 * Disable workaround for Jython scripts on Linux systems.
+* Fix issue in pkg_resources where try/except around a platform-dependent
+  import would trigger hook load failures on Mercurial. See pull request 32
+  for details.
 register_loader_type(type(None), DefaultProvider)
+# Python 3.3 also supplies the SourceFileLoader.
+# Don't be tempted to do a try/except block here - it will break Mercurial
+#  hooks due to the demandimport functionality.
 if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3,3):
     import _frozen_importlib
     register_loader_type(_frozen_importlib.SourceFileLoader, DefaultProvider)
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