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 class Distribution(object):
     """Wrap an actual or potential sys.path entry w/metadata"""
     def __init__(self,
         location=None, metadata=None, project_name=None, version=None,
         py_version=PY_MAJOR, platform=None, precedence = EGG_DIST
             from email.parser import Parser
             self._pkg_info = Parser().parsestr(self.get_metadata(self.PKG_INFO))
             return self._pkg_info
     def _dep_map(self):
     def _preparse_requirement(self, requires_dist):
         """Convert 'Foobar (1); baz' to ('Foobar ==1', 'baz')
-        Split environment marker, add == prefix to version specifiers as 
+        Split environment marker, add == prefix to version specifiers as
         necessary, and remove parenthesis.
         parts = requires_dist.split(';', 1) + ['']
         distvers = re.sub(self.EQEQ, r"\1==\2\3", distvers)
         distvers = distvers.replace('(', '').replace(')', '')
         return (distvers, mark)
     def _compute_dependencies(self):
         """Recompute this distribution's dependencies."""
         from _markerlib import compile as compile_marker
             parsed = parse_requirements(distvers).next()
             parsed.marker_fn = compile_marker(mark)
         def reqs_for_extra(extra):
             for req in reqs:
                 if req.marker_fn(override={'extra':extra}):
         common = frozenset(reqs_for_extra(None))
         for extra in self._parsed_pkg_info.get_all('Provides-Extra') or []:
             extra = safe_extra(extra.strip())
             dm[extra] = list(frozenset(reqs_for_extra(extra)) - common)
         return dm
 _distributionImpl = {'.egg': Distribution,
                      '.egg-info': Distribution,
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