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--help install command no longer tries to install fixes #121

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 * Issue 15 and 48: Introduced a socket timeout of 15 seconds on url openings
 * Added indexsidebar.html into
 * Issue 108: Fixed TypeError with Python3.1
+* Issue 121: Fixed --help install command trying to actually install.
 * Jannis Leidel
 * Lennart Regebro
 * Martin von Löwis
+* Noufal Ibrahim
 * Philip Jenvey
 * Reinout van Rees
 * Tarek Ziadé
         # Installed by buildout, don't mess with a global setuptools.
         return False
     # easy_install marker
-    return 'install' in sys.argv[1:] or _easy_install_marker()
+    if "--help" in sys.argv[1:] or "-h" in sys.argv[1:]: # Don't bother doing anything if they're just asking for help
+        return False
+    return  'install' in sys.argv[1:] or _easy_install_marker()
 if _being_installed():
     from distribute_setup import _before_install
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