Grigory Petrov committed c181b8c

Added support for Windows RT (arm).

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        gcc -DGUI=0           -mno-cygwin -O -s -o setuptools/cli.exe launcher.c
        gcc -DGUI=1 -mwindows -mno-cygwin -O -s -o setuptools/gui.exe launcher.c
+    To build for Windows RT, install both Visual Studio Express for Windows 8
+    and for Windows Desktop (both freeware), create "win32" application using
+    "Windows Desktop" version, create new "ARM" target via
+    "Configuration Manager" menu and modify ".vcxproj" file by adding
+    "<WindowsSDKDesktopARMSupport>true</WindowsSDKDesktopARMSupport>" tag
+    as child of "PropertyGroup" tags that has "Debug|ARM" and "Release|ARM"
+    properties.
     It links to msvcrt.dll, but this shouldn't be a problem since it doesn't
     actually run Python in the same process.  Note that using 'exec' instead
     of 'spawn' doesn't work, because on Windows this leads to the Python


Binary file added.


 import re
 import stat
 import random
+import platform
 from glob import glob
 from setuptools import Command, _dont_write_bytecode
 from setuptools.sandbox import run_setup
                     ext, launcher = '', 'cli.exe'
                     old = ['.py','.pyc','.pyo']
                     new_header = re.sub('(?i)pythonw.exe','python.exe',header)
+                if platform.machine().lower() == 'arm' :
+                    launcher = launcher.replace(".", "-arm.")
                 if is_64bit():
                     launcher = launcher.replace(".", "-64.")


Binary file added.