Jason R. Coombs committed c4e4ecf

Updated bump message to use the bumped version, not the old version.

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 	digits[-1] += 1
 	return '.'.join(map(str, digits))
+NEXT_VERSION = get_next_version()
 def bump_versions():
 	files_with_versions = ('docs/', '', '',
 		'', 'README.txt', '')
 def bump_version(filename):
 	with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
-		lines = [line.replace(VERSION, get_next_version()) for line in f]
+		lines = [line.replace(VERSION, NEXT_VERSION) for line in f]
 	with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
 	# we just tagged the current version, bump for the next release.
 	subprocess.check_call(['hg', 'ci', '-m',
-		'Bumped to {VERSION} in preparation for next release.'.format(**globals())])
+		'Bumped to {NEXT_VERSION} in preparation for next '
+		'release.'.format(**globals())])
 	# push the changes
 	subprocess.check_call(['hg', 'push'])
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