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Issue #208: fixing parse_version and post-release tags

including tests

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 def _parse_version_parts(s):
     for part in component_re.split(s):
         part = replace(part,part)
-        if not part or part=='.':
+        if part in ['', '.']:
         if part[:1] in '0123456789':
             yield part.zfill(8)    # pad for numeric comparison
     parts = []
     for part in _parse_version_parts(s.lower()):
         if part.startswith('*'):
-            if part<'*final':   # remove '-' before a prerelease tag
-                while parts and parts[-1]=='*final-': parts.pop()
             # remove trailing zeros from each series of numeric parts
             while parts and parts[-1]=='00000000':


             p1, p2 = parse_version(s1),parse_version(s2)
             self.assertEqual(p1,p2, (s1,s2,p1,p2))
-        c('1.2-rc1', '1.2rc1')
         c('0.4', '0.4.0')
         c('', '0.4.0')
         c('0.4.0-0', '0.4-0')
         c('0pl1', '0.0pl1')
         c('0pre1', '0.0c1')
         c('0.0.0preview1', '0c1')
-        c('0.0c1', '0-rc1')
+        c('0.0c1', '0rc1')
         c('1.2a1', '1.2.a.1'); c('1.2...a', '1.2a')
     def testVersionOrdering(self):
             self.assert_(p1<p2, (s1,s2,p1,p2))
+        c('2.1.0','2.10')
+        c('2b1','2c0')
         c('2.3a1', '2.3')
         c('2.1-1', '2.1-2')
         c('2.1-1', '2.1.1')
+        c('2.1', '2.1.1-1')
         c('2.1', '2.1pl4')
         c('2.1a0-20040501', '2.1')
         c('1.1', '02.1')
         c('0.4', '4.0')
         c('0.0.4', '0.4.0')
         c('0pl1', '0.4pl1')
-        c('2.1.0-rc1','2.1.0')
+        c('2.1.0rc1','2.1.0')
+        c('2.1.0','2.1.0-rc0')
+        c('2.1.0','2.1.0-a')
+        c('2.1.0','2.1.0-alpha')
+        c('2.1.0','2.1.0-foo')
+        c('1.0','1.0-1')
+        c('1.0-1','1.0.1')
+        c('1.0a','1.0b')
+        c('1.0dev','1.0rc1')
+        c('1.0pre','1.0')
+        c('1.0pre','1.0')
+        c('1.0a','1.0-a')
+        c('1.0rc1','1.0-rc1')
         torture ="""
         0.80.1-3 0.80.1-2 0.80.1-1 0.79.9999+0.80.0pre4-1
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