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tarek  committed e2de9f1

Fixed #80: test_develop fails with Python 3.1. I don't understand why the module is shadowed at this stage, but importing it fixes the problem.

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 * Issue 89: added a side bar with a download link to the doc.
 * Issue 86: fixed missing sentence in pkg_resources doc.
 * Added a nicer error message when a DistributionNotFound is raised.
+* Issue 80: test_develop now works with Python 3.1

File setuptools/command/__init__.py Modified

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     'register', 'bdist_wininst', 'upload_docs',
+from setuptools.command.install_scripts import install_scripts
 import sys
 if sys.version>='2.5':
     # In Python 2.5 and above, distutils includes its own upload command
 from distutils.command.bdist import bdist
 if 'egg' not in bdist.format_commands:
     bdist.format_command['egg'] = ('bdist_egg', "Python .egg file")

File setuptools/command/install_scripts.py Modified

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 from distutils.command.install_scripts import install_scripts \
      as _install_scripts
-from easy_install import get_script_args, sys_executable, chmod
 from pkg_resources import Distribution, PathMetadata, ensure_directory
 import os
 from distutils import log
         self.no_ep = False
     def run(self):
+        from setuptools.command.easy_install import (get_script_args,
+                                                     sys_executable)
         if self.distribution.scripts:
             _install_scripts.run(self)  # run first to set up self.outfiles
     def write_script(self, script_name, contents, mode="t", *ignored):
         """Write an executable file to the scripts directory"""
+        from setuptools.command.easy_install import chmod
         log.info("Installing %s script to %s", script_name, self.install_dir)
         target = os.path.join(self.install_dir, script_name)