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Cherry-picked documentation and style changes from setuptools trunk

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File pkg_resources.py

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 class ResolutionError(Exception):
     """Abstract base for dependency resolution errors"""
-    def __repr__(self): return self.__class__.__name__+repr(self.args)
+    def __repr__(self):
+        return self.__class__.__name__+repr(self.args)
 class VersionConflict(ResolutionError):
     """An already-installed version conflicts with the requested version"""
 class UnknownExtra(ResolutionError):
     """Distribution doesn't have an "extra feature" of the given name"""
 _provider_factories = {}
 PY_MAJOR = sys.version[:3]
 EGG_DIST    = 3
 darwinVersionString = re.compile(r"darwin-(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)-(.*)")
 get_platform = get_build_platform   # XXX backward compat
 def compatible_platforms(provided,required):
     """Can code for the `provided` platform run on the `required` platform?
 class IResourceProvider(IMetadataProvider):
     """An object that provides access to package resources"""

File pkg_resources.txt

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     is invoked, it checks for the presence of namespace packages and updates
     their ``__path__`` contents accordingly.
+Applications that manipulate namespace packages or directly alter ``sys.path``
+at runtime may also need to use this API function:
     Declare that `path_item` is a newly added item on ``sys.path`` that may
     need to be used to update existing namespace packages.  Ordinarily, this is
     the constructor is called.
     Note that you will not normally construct ``WorkingSet`` instances
-    yourbut instead you will implicitly or explicitly use the global
+    yourself, but instead you will implicitly or explicitly use the global
     ``working_set`` instance.  For the most part, the ``pkg_resources`` API
     is designed so that the ``working_set`` is used by default, such that you
     don't have to explicitly refer to it most of the time.

File setup.cfg

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 release = egg_info -RDb ''
-source = bdist_rpm register binary
-binary = bdist_egg bdist_wininst
-show_response = 1
-source_only = 1
-doc_files = setuptools.txt EasyInstall.txt pkg_resources.txt
-requires = python-devel
+source = register sdist binary
+binary = bdist_egg upload --show-response

File setuptools.txt

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     merge such subpackages into a single parent package at runtime, as long
     as you declare them in each project that contains any subpackages of the
     namespace package, and as long as the namespace package's ``__init__.py``
-    does not contain any code.  See the section below on `Namespace Packages`_
-    for more information.
+    does not contain any code other than a namespace declaration.  See the
+    section below on `Namespace Packages`_ for more information.
     A string naming a ``unittest.TestCase`` subclass (or a package or module