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make sure USER_SITE is listed as a sitedir in easy_install

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             % (ei.egg_info, ei.broken_egg_info)
         self.args = [ei.egg_name]
-        easy_install.finalize_options(self)
         py_version = sys.version.split()[0]
         prefix, exec_prefix = get_config_vars('prefix', 'exec_prefix')
             self.install_dir = self.install_purelib
             self.script_dir = self.install_scripts
+        easy_install.finalize_options(self)
         # pick up setup-dir .egg files only: no .egg-info


         site_lib = get_python_lib(plat_specific)
         if site_lib not in sitedirs: sitedirs.append(site_lib)
+    if sys.version >= "2.6":
+        import site
+        sitedirs.append(site.USER_SITE)
     sitedirs = map(normalize_path, sitedirs)
     return sitedirs


         # let's see if we got our egg link at the right place
         content = os.listdir(site.USER_SITE)
-        self.assertEquals(content, ['UNKNOWN.egg-link'])
+        content.sort()
+        self.assertEquals(content, ['UNKNOWN.egg-link', 'easy-install.pth'])
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