Jason R. Coombs committed f9a7b84

Yet another approach - invoking setopt directly prior to invoking a new setup process. This approach works (compared to the previous setopt approach which did not).

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 from distutils.errors import DistutilsArgError, DistutilsOptionError, \
     DistutilsError, DistutilsPlatformError
 from distutils.command.install import INSTALL_SCHEMES, SCHEME_KEYS
+from setuptools.command import setopt
 from setuptools.archive_util import unpack_archive
 from setuptools.package_index import PackageIndex
 from setuptools.package_index import URL_SCHEME
             raise DistutilsError("Setup script exited with %s" % (v.args[0],))
     def build_and_install(self, setup_script, setup_base):
-        args = []
-        # first pass along any install directives using setopt
-        ei_opts = self.distribution.get_option_dict('easy_install').copy()
-        install_directives = (
-            'find_links', 'site_dirs', 'index_url', 'optimize',
-            'site_dirs', 'allow_hosts'
-        )
-        for key, val in ei_opts.iteritems():
-            if key not in install_directives: continue
-            args.extend(['setopt', '--command', 'easy_install',
-                '--option', key.replace('_', '-'),
-                '--set-value', val[1]])
-        args.extend(['bdist_egg', '--dist-dir'])
+        args = ['bdist_egg', '--dist-dir']
         dist_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp(
             prefix='egg-dist-tmp-', dir=os.path.dirname(setup_script)
+            self._set_fetcher_options(os.path.dirname(setup_script))
             self.run_setup(setup_script, setup_base, args)
             log.set_verbosity(self.verbose) # restore our log verbosity
+    def _set_fetcher_options(self, base):
+        """
+        When easy_install is about to run bdist_egg on a source dist, that
+        source dist might have 'setup_requires' directives, requiring
+        additional fetching. Ensure the fetcher options given to easy_install
+        are available to that command as well.
+        """
+        # find the fetch options from easy_install and write them out
+        #  to the setup.cfg file.
+        ei_opts = self.distribution.get_option_dict('easy_install').copy()
+        fetch_directives = (
+            'find_links', 'site_dirs', 'index_url', 'optimize',
+            'site_dirs', 'allow_hosts',
+        )
+        fetch_options = {}
+        for key, val in ei_opts.iteritems():
+            if key not in fetch_directives: continue
+            fetch_options[key.replace('_', '-')] = val[1]
+        # create a settings dictionary suitable for `edit_config`
+        settings = dict(easy_install=fetch_options)
+        cfg_filename = os.path.join(base, 'setup.cfg')
+        setopt.edit_config(cfg_filename, settings)
     def update_pth(self,dist):
         if self.pth_file is None:
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