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phillip.eby  committed fac0ef2

Don't check installation directory writability and site/.pth setup when
using --editable.

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File EasyInstall.txt

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  * The ``ez_setup.py`` script now actually works when you put a setuptools
    ``.egg`` alongside it for bootstrapping an offline machine.
+ * A writable installation directory on ``sys.path`` is no longer required to
+   download and extract a source distribution using ``--editable``.
  * EasyInstall now includes setuptools version information in the
    ``User-Agent`` string sent to websites it visits.

File setuptools/command/easy_install.py

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-        self.check_site_dir()
+        if not self.editable: self.check_site_dir()
         self.index_url = self.index_url or "http://www.python.org/pypi"
         self.shadow_path = self.all_site_dirs[:]
         for path_item in self.install_dir, normalize_path(self.script_dir):
     def easy_install(self, spec, deps=False):
         tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="easy_install-")
         download = None
-        self.install_site_py()
+        if not self.editable: self.install_site_py()
             if not isinstance(spec,Requirement):