Allow use_2to3 with Python 2

Chris Jerdonek avatarChris Jerdonek created an issue

This is an enhancement request to allow the 'use_2to3' keyword argument to be used with Python 2. This would let one create Python 3 builds using Python 2.

Is there any reason this can't be done in a straightforward way since 2to3 is at least available to Python 2.7?

Comments (4)

  1. Lennart Regebro

    Yes, there is a reason. Creating Python 3 builds requires Python 3. It can't be done from Python 2, with or without 2to3. In fact, you can't even reliably create Python 3.x distributions from Python 3.y.

    And even if it could, supporting this makes little sense, as you can simply install Python 3.x to create the Python 3.x build. It's not like when you want to create binaries for another platform.

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