[Patch] Import loop in site.py under Python 3.3

Stefan H. Holek avatarStefan H. Holek created an issue

Under Python 3.3, site.py can run into an import loop if distribute is on the sys.path more than once (or a second version of distribute is on the sys.path - don't blame me, sys.path can be messy.). This is likely due to changes to the import machinery [1].

To fix this, the `import imp` statement has been moved further down, into the try/except clause, to catch cases when distribute tries to load itself or a sibling.

Patch 'site.py': https://bitbucket.org/stefanholek/distribute/changeset/dfc6aafc0d21

[1] Python 3.3 import changes: http://docs.python.org/dev/whatsnew/3.3.html#using-importlib-as-the-implementation-of-import

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