Issue #305 resolved

[Patch] Warning shows during normal operations

Stefan H. Holek avatarStefan H. Holek created an issue

When use_2to3=True, the "Excluded fixer not found" warning is printed during normal operations, like when running ' test' after having made changes to source files.

The warning is also rather boring and setuptools has the general policy of failing silently, I believe.

Patch 'build_py':

Comments (4)

  1. Stefan H. Holek

    Please try the attached package.

    $ tar xzf test_excluded_fixers.tgz
    $ cd test_excluded_fixers
    $ virtualenv3.3 .
    $ ./bin/easy_install -U ../distribute-trunk
    $ ./bin/python develop
    Fixing build/lib/test_excluded_fixers/ ...
    Excluded fixer lib2to3.fixes.fix_filter not found
    Excluded fixer lib2to3.fixes.fix_xrange not found

    This is because while the commands are re-initialized the Distribution is not, and the fixers are already gone the second time around.

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