Distribute should have a "project maker" script of some kind

Issue #105 resolved
Jason Baker
created an issue

One thing that would really simplify things for me when creating a project is having some kind of script that would create some kind of dummy project: like creating a simple setup.py, a stub of all the "required" files (README, LICENSE, etc), and a source directory.

If I volunteered my time to create this, could this go into Distribute?

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  1. Tarek Ziadé repo owner

    Python paste can generate any Python project template, and has already one for a simple python project. If you want to create a specific one for Distribut, if it makes any sense at some level, you are more than welcome to contribute it, thanks !

  2. Éric Araujo

    Development efforts have move to the distutils2 project (see http://tarekziade.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/the-fate-of-distutils-pycon-summit-packaging-sprint-detailed-report/), where there is such a quickstart script (d2.mkcfg) which could be enhanced to implement your idea. You’re very welcome to propose your idea on http://groups.google.com/group/the-fellowship-of-the-packaging/

    Distribute being end-of-lifed, I’m closing this report. Please reopen if that was wrong.

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