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Issue #109 resolved
Markus Gattol created an issue

Currently one cannot create Debian packages (.debs) directly from Python source.

{{{ (testenv)sa@wks:~/0/1/testenv/src/mypackage$ python bdist --help-formats List of available distribution formats: --formats=rpm RPM distribution --formats=gztar gzip'ed tar file --formats=bztar bzip2'ed tar file --formats=ztar compressed tar file --formats=tar tar file --formats=wininst Windows executable installer --formats=zip ZIP file --formats=egg Python .egg file (testenv)sa@wks:~/0/1/testenv/src/mypackage$ }}}

Howerver, on Debian there already exists a package (python-stdeb) allowing to do just that. Its code can be found at

I would love to see distribute support creating .debs from Python source just as it is possible to create .rpms already {{{ python bdist_rpm }}}

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  1. Tarek Ziadé repo owner

    Why not using stdeb ? It can be installed in Python, and provides the bdist_deb distutils command right away.

  2. Éric Araujo

    Active development of distribute is now stalled, with efforts moved to distutils2 (see

    There has been a bit of discussion about stdeb since last year, and the trend is definitely to let it live as a third-party project that can be updated and released faster that distutils2/Python and comply with the policy of the OS it’s installed on. The other specific bdist command has been removed from distutils2 and now lives as the independent bdist_rpm2 command.

    Therefore closing.

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