egg_info.writers entrypoint and package_dir interaction

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Ronald Oussoren created an issue

The attached archive contains a minimal distribution with a file that contains an "egg_info.writers" entry-point. This entry-point is supposed to be called when the egg_info command fills the egg-info directory, but that isn't always happening.

The setup call looks like this:

packages = ["demo1"],
#package_dir = {'': 'Lib'},
entry_points = {
"egg_info.writers": [
"header1.h = main:write_header"

When the package_dir line is commented out the egg_info.writers entry point is called, when the package_dir line is not commented out the entry point is not called.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    Sorry about the munged setup call in the issue text, the version in the attached project should be clearer.

    Things get slightly better when I add "import sys;sys.path.append('Lib')" to the start of the file, but that won't play nice w.r.t. use_2to3 support (if I understand how that works correctly). I do have to run the egg_info command twice to get the result I want, which means this is almost certainly not a correct workaround.

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