How can I install extras_require with python develop ? it is a missing feature or missing documentation ?

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Issue #130 open
Stéphane Klein created an issue

To use extras_require, with pip or easy_install I can do :

$ easy_install foobar[docs]

Can I do the same thing with

$ python develop


It is a missing feature ? or missing information in distribute documentation :

Thanks for your help, Stephane

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  1. Rob Dennis

    Having " develop" be able to install extras does make sense, and I'd love it it was a supported option

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm having the same problem. But I'm using [test] to install test dependencies. Unfortunately, the tests_require option doesn't work with nose. I have two questions: 1. Rob, what about it doesn't make sense? 2. Has anyone been to do the same successfully with pip?

  3. Daniel Holth

    extras_require are just aliases for other dependencies. After you install or develop package, "pip install package[extra]" should work.

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